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LMAA and Covid-19

Official Statement

The global pandemic due to Coronavirus 19, otherwise known as Covid-19, is a serious situation, with a high infectious rate, that has an effect on the respiratory system, making it more difficult to breathe, and causes severe symptoms in the person who contracts this virus even if they recover makes this something to not take likely. The risks of Covid-19 are real, even if some show no symptoms they can still be a carrier of Covid-19 and unknowingly pass it on to someone others. Lion Martial Arts Academy will do all we can to mitigate the possible spread of Covid-19. Since we can't have social distancing at all times in group classes, we will ensure that before, and after class the room is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to help mitigate the viruses spread. Frequent washing of hands will not only be encouraged but enforced by all, whether staff or student, at Lion Martial Arts Academy. Parents are still welcome to stay if they’d like, just maintain social distancing parameters of 6ft and wear a mask. In order to allow for cleaning before classes and after classes there will no longer be a Saturday class for Wing Chun or the Little Lion’s. Having classes back to back would increase the risk of spreading the virus due to insufficient time allowed for cleaning. Subsequently Self Defense and Kickboxing Classes can only be done via personal request so we can accommodate the time and cleaning effort needed in order to assure proper cleaning standards are being upheld. Wing Chun and Little Lion’s Classes are now 1.5 hours long for 2 days instead of 1 hour for 3 days. We appreciate the support you’ve given us and the love you’ve shown. We can not survive without your love.

  • All students must wear masks during class

  • Mask is required for anyone who enters the school

  • No more than 10 people to a room (Main Room, Sitting Area))

  • All instructors & students must maintain a distance of six feet away from one another

  • All classrooms will be disinfected & wiped down after each session

  • Students are required to regularly disinfect exercise equipment, including immediately after use.(wooden dummy, weapons, pads, punching bags, etc.) 

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