Adult Kung Fu Class

       The Adult Kung Fu Classes uses Wing Chun as its base. Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial Art system created by a woman, and practiced by Bruce Lee, that uses hands elbows knees and feet in dynamic ways for offense and defense. It's also known as Chinese Boxing, using Chain Punches, or non stop consecutive punches as well as an energy sensing drill called Chi Sao.

Wing Chun has 3 Empty hand forms called Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee.  A Wooden Dummy Form as seen in Ip Man, and 2 weapon forms with the Dragon Pole and Butterfly Swords. The art was made for people to become competent fighters in a short amount of time.

Our Group class consists of fitness, strength and conditioning, forms for self development, striking targets for hand eye coordination, technique breakdowns to learn the proper method to fighting efficiently, and self defense drills whether hand to hand, empty hand vs knives and guns, and sparring to get a better tried and tested sense of battle testing your techniques.

Overall Wing Chun is fun to do, the training is challenging yet engaging so you never become bored. You learn more and more about what your body can do. Whether you take a Wing Chun Class or want to learn more fighting techniques than just Wing Chun, this is the base of every style of fighting that can be taught by the Instructors of Lion Martial Arts Academy. $60 covers you for a month's worth of classes, $150 for 3 months, $280 for 6 Months, and $540 gets you a years worth of training at LMAA, allowing you to level up 3 times within that timeframe.