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Adult Kung Fu Class

       The Adult Kung Fu Classes uses Wing Chun as it's base. We mix in different fighting components such as Western Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu to make us more varied in close quarters combat. Jiu-Jitsu joint manipulations (Qin Na) is used to subdue an opponent, using their energy against them by redirecting into a hold or into a strike. This is a perfect system for sprawling and brawling, thus allowing you to finish attackers quickly, preparing you to take on the next would be attacker. 


      The history of Wing Chun dates back to a Female Shaolin Monk named Ng Mui (5th Sister) who saw the fighting tactics of a snake and crane and decided to put the two styles of Snake Kung Fu and Crane Kung Fu together. While on the run from the oppressive government she ran into a young woman named Yim Wing Chun being harassed by a warlord. She trained this young woman to defeat this warlord for her freedom to marry who she pleased and then taught her new boo (her husband) this new fighting style. Her husband realized this style needed a name and decided to name it after his wife, thus giving us the name Wing Chun. From humble beginnings Wing Chun is a system of close quarters combat or infighting that was practiced by the famous Bruce Lee. It uses hands, elbows, knees, and legs in dynamic ways for offense and defense. It uses Chain Punches, or non-stop consecutive strikes to overwhelm your opponent. The idea is, with proper structure and a relentless attitude, someone smaller or less developed in strength training can overcome one who is more developed in strength training. 

In our Adult Class you'll learn 3 Empty hand forms, that gives you the tools of the system, also acting as a meditative measure that gets you more in tuned with yourself, mind and body. These preplanned movements have both practical application as well as conditioning purposes to keep your skills sharp even while outside of class. There's a wooden fixture we use to practice on as seen in the famed movie Ip Man, which is an integral part of Shaolin Kung Fu. Wing Chun is simple and more practical, doing away with the flash of kung fu arts even stripping the forms down to only 6 in total with 2 weapon forms a Dragon Pole and a Butterfly Swords form. The art was made for people to become competent fighters in a short amount of time, the benchmark is 3 years to learn the entire system, but you can be a competent fighter in 3-6 months.

        Our Group class consists of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for fitness to develop the cardio to be relentless in pursuit of your goals, IE overwhelming your opponent. Basic calisthenics and conditioning to be able to hold up your own body weight. You don't need big muscles, you just need that baseline of fitness to be a decent practitioner. Sparring is apart of the class as well as resistance training for self defense purposes. In order to defend yourself against an aggressive attacker, we must practice defending ourselves against some form of aggression and resistance in class. When dealing with knife defense, the situation will feel realistic enough to have you better prepared to deal with the real thing if you ever encounter it. 

          Overall our Adult Class is FUN, a great workout, and a stress reliever. The training is challenging yet engaging so you never become bored. You learn more and more about what your body can do. Whether you take the Adult Group Class, want your own personal class, or want to learn all that the instructors know just know Kung Fu is the base of every style of fighting that is learned at Lion Martial Arts Academy. 

 If interested in the Adult Class click here to get started!

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