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The Little Lion's Class


        The Little Lion's Class is composed of 4 main elements of Chinese Kung Fu. The base of the Kung Fu System is The Tiger of Jow Ga, but for moniker purposes has been renamed Lion Style. The Southern Crane, and Snake styles are also included. These 3 styles leads them into the Wing Chun Kung Fu System, with the caveat of having Jow Ga's more varied system mixed in to help understand different fighting styles and angles of attack. We use these styles for self defense purposes dealing with punches, kicks, grabs, locks, and chokes. The curriculum for the class is basic kickboxing, 2 Lion forms, Crane Form, 2 Snake Forms, as well as Wooden Dummy Practice. The Little Lion's become proficient in weapons such as The Dragon Pole, Bo Staff, The Chinese Broadsword and Duel Butterfly Swords.

       The Lion Style helps to develop your external energy. Using hands as if they were paws to swipe, claw, and strike your opponent, cat stance for mobility, and front stance for the extension of the power through your limbs. This is about strength training and conditioning. Being able to hold your own bodyweight up for extended periods of time. Conditioning the fingers, arms, abdominals, and shins to be able to withstand force with minimal damage to yourself. The legs become strong, increasing balance and flexibility in your lower extremities. 

          The Crane Style helps to develop internal energy. After getting strong on the outside, it's time to become strong on the inside. The Crane fly's above the pettiness of everyday life. It doesn't fight directly, it redirects, softens the blows, and attacks soft exposed parts of the body. Diverting attacks and using long range weapons, such as kicks, and big motions for diversions to get in close and strike. A lot of kicking involves this form, so the legs become flexible, strong enough to support the weight on one leg and deal multiple attacks or blocks with the other. Mobility is key to avoid direct blows, flowing from defense to offense in a second.

          The Snake Style is patient, calculating, yet quick. In Chinese culture snakes are looked at as Baby Dragons. Moving among the surface of the earth, discreet, able to get in and out stealthily.  Though the snake is small it's speed and precision makes it deadly. The hands along with flexible stances are important tools for attacking from improbable angles. Snakes wrap and constrict their prey, immobilizing them until they submit, this is where Qin Na (joint and wrist locks / grappling) comes into play. Completing the entire system levels them up to a Red Sash which is a level beyond Black.

       Our children also have and actively compete in tournaments in the Grand Rapids area. In our 5 years we've had people participate in 8 different tournaments and amassing 21 medals/trophy's ranging from 1st-3rd place in forms, weapon forms, and point sparring, as well as having a first place winner in sparring for the State Games of Michigan for 3 years. Competition isn't required by any student, since that's not the end goal, but we do facilitate a student's desires to compete and help them get ready for the challenge if it's something they wish to do. 

      The Little Lion's Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays and costs start at a base price of $50 for 1 month, $130 for 3 months, $240 for 6 months, and $450 to cover an entire year. There are discounts for adding multiple children to an account, which may be the best pricing system for multiple children. We don't want you to feel like having multiple children that wish to participate is a financial burden. The more children the bigger the more the discount from the original price!

       If you wish to sign your children up for this program that produces winners in and out of competitions click here to get started!

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