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Sifu Terrell


     The Chief Instructor/Sifu of Lion Martial Arts Academy is Terrell. Starting his martial arts journey at the age of 21, most of it in a freelance manner or learning here and there until he was 25. From 21 to 24 he’s trained under Sensei Jaron and Sensei Eddie learning Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo. Due to school closings it left him without a formal teacher for a few years. Working on his craft and staying diligent until he came across Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan whom he started learning Wing Chun under since the age of 25.


     Since 25 he's been diligently studying the art of Wing Chun, Ip Man lineage, under a man who went to China and learned from Ip Man’s sons. An authentic lineage with applicable practice that would allow him to be able to fight with other black belts and red sashes in no time. At Sifu Chan’s his hand speed prompted a comment from Sifu saying "He's pretty fast" while Terrell was only a yellow sash. He studied and developed the ability to relax fairly quickly, maybe due to a dance background, and learned rooting from many other practitioners in the Qwoon (School). It didn't take long to become proficient, with the taekwondo background his kicking power and control was great, with hand speed already there once proper coordination came into place it was a match made in heaven. He learned the ability to sense energy through the drill called Chi Sao, quickly becoming a very adept user of the drill. That combined with his already growing sense of spirituality made it a perfect merger to be able to pick up on others energy.


     He started helping more and more until eventually he helped with instructing classes. Under the auspices and encouragement of his former Sensei he opened up a school to help teach the art of Self Defense from a Wing Chun perspective. Fueled by a desire to help people and be a positive role model and giving back to the community Sifu Terrell started Lion Martial Arts Academy which branched off from Unreal Martial Arts in 2018. Sifu Terrell knows some Jow Ga, Crane, and Snake forms to go along with the other Martial Arts knowledge mentioned. He also dabbled in VSK JiuJitsu for about a year training under Elijah Farrakhan Muhammad. Though a teacher, he is still a student, being young enough to know he can always learn more, and wishes to continue learning when possible, but dedicated enough to be able to instruct and help others.


If LMAA is liken unto a family, then the Sifu is undoubtedly the father.

Si Hing Prime


     The Assistant Instructor of Lion Martial Arts Academy is Brione “Prime” Caviness. Prime has 10+ years of Martial Arts experience. 2 of those years is boxing experience with various coaches in Michigan and Italy. He is a 3rd generation of Shotokan Karate.


     Prime has both Karate and Taekwondo experience: training under various masters such as Sensei Bobbie J Caviness II (1st Degree Black Belt Shotokan & ITF TKD), Sensei Vargas (5th Degree Chi Do Kwan), Sensei Twining (7th Degree Chi Do Kwan) and Bobbie J Caviness II  in both Hung Gar & Wing Chun. He has since been furthering his Wing Chun Training seriously under Sifu Terrell Bowden. Using his vast array of experience he has accepted the role of being an Assistant Instructor, helping out with the Little Lion’s Class and filling in for Sifu when needed. Si-Hing Prime is like the big brother of LMAA

Jr Instructor


     Jr Instructor Matthew has been with LMAA since it was still Unreal Martial Arts in 2017. Matthew has been a devoted student showing great promise and potential. He’s a great fighter and he’s an even better person. His technique is solid and he's a lover of Martial Arts. Not for the fighting aspect but the entire culture and code of conduct. He exudes the spirit of a Martial Artist in his everyday life. He practices diligently and is a huge help at LMAA.


     His willingness to help others, and his inclusion of all of the students makes him the perfect candidate to assist at LMAA. Fair tempered, patient, and a great teammate. You can tell he loves the environment and loves his classmates. Little Lion Matthew helps out with the Little Ninja’s Class and the Little Lion’s Class as well. Inspiring others with his work ethic and keeping the mood light with his sense of humor. 

Jr Instructor



     Jr Instructor Mariah has been with LMAA since June of 2018. She has been a constant staple and a very focused student. Her attention to detail, her ability to think and analyze and doing things right sets the standard for the other students in the class. She follows the rules and policies and makes sure everyone else does as well. She’s an enforcer of Truth, whether you’re a child or an adult Mariah says what’s right. Coupled with that, she’s a great thinker and compassionate person.


     Her fighting skills do nothing but improve, her technique is solid, and being such a big helper in the class already it was only right that she be promoted to Jr Assistant and be official. Little Lion Mariah works in tandem with Matthew for the Little Ninja’s class and also helps with the Little Lion’s Class as well. She’s a big personality and it helps keep the spirits lively when training, especially when Sifu pushes everyone beyond their limits.

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