LMAA Kickboxing

Martial Arts Program for Teens and Adults

       Granted, LMAA is a place for Kung Fu, but if you takeaway all of the cool tricks, the seasoning, the added flavor in the movements and boil it down to just punching and kicking, you get kickboxing. It's a form of martial art that involves punching, kicking, and footwork. The sport incorporates moves from other types of martial arts, such as karate, mauy thai, kung fu, as well as boxing.


       There are different types of kickboxing, each with different rules. For instance, American kickboxing uses the hands and feet to make contact, while muay thai allows the elbows and knees as contact points.


        Non-contact kickboxing and cardio kickboxing incorporates the same footwork, kicking, and punching techniques as other types of kickboxing, but you direct punches and kicks at weight bags and hand pads instead of at a workout sparring partner.

Kickboxing is great for getting in shape, full of many health benefits and is a go to if you wish to incorporate something new into your fitness routine.

  • Reduce Stress. 

  • Boost Confidence Levels. 

  • Improved Coordination.

  • Burn Mega Calories.

  • Ideal Cross-Training Workout.

  • Energy Boost.

  • Better Posture.

Currently there's no established group classes for kickboxing, only personal classes but if you have a group of 6 or more that would love to take a class contact us and get a group rate. 


LMAA currently offers an Online Kickboxing course to compliment any personal training. You can be in Grand Rapids, or live afar. If you're in Grand Rapids you receive the added benefit of being able to take in person classes as well to hone your skills and use it as more than just fitness, but learn to fight with it as well. Click here to sign up for the online course!