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           The Lion Martial Arts Academy is an institution of learning. It may not be in the traditional sense of how you think of an academy but the goal is the same. Education, coming from the root word educere' meaning to lead out, we know that education isn't about putting into a person something of greatness. You come to us great, education is about leading out the greatness that's buried inside. Buried by work, or practical education, or from a lack of motivation. LMAA is here to help uncover your greatness.

            Founded in 2018, it's fairly new to the Martial Arts scene but in a short amount of time has accomplished much. Whether it's been mixing it up with other Martial Arts Schools, partnering with Kula Yoga to hold Self Defense Classes, or partnering with Building Physiques for fighting to get fit classes, LMAA has done a lot in a short amount of time. Some of the children who train under the LMAA Banner have even won at the State Martial Arts Games of Michigan. 

             LMAA was birthed from the idea of offering cheaper Martial Arts Classes for those who have a harder time affording consistent training, or for people who have big families. Never charging exuberant rates, so that those who wish to participate can. Also with a burning desire to offer the people of the community a way to be able to defend themselves in chaotic times, a fitness regimen, and a sense of comradery and family, LMAA is more than just an Academy, it's a community in and of itself that once you're apart of, you never feel alone. It's a mentoring program for children, a friend for adults, a protector of human rights for women, children, men, black, Hispanic etc, and a hub for fitness for those who wish to get healthy, and those who continue the "fight" to stay healthy.

              LMAA uses Chinese Martial Arts as the base Martial Philosophy in it's teaching. A zen and Buddhist approach to everything and everyone. Never using the power of Martial Arts to humiliate, desecrate, injure, or bully others but always for the good of humanity in the fight for the downtrodden, rejected and/or despised without just cause. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and do no harm unless absolutely necessary, not even harming insects when it can be avoided.

              The reason why Lion is chosen, and not the traditional Tiger or Dragon is because of the significance in the symbolic meaning of Lions. It being the body of the sphinx to show as the Lion is the King of the Jungle, so is Human Being is King or Ruler of the Planet. A ruler shouldn't look for what they can take, but what they can give to the service of the planet and the community. We're invested in the service of the nature, or people, of animals, and of the entire universe as well. Every Human Being is a universe in and of themselves, so to help one, is to help a universe.

              Lion's represent strength, courage, royalty, and a fierceness that is unrivaled in the animal kingdom. So instead of Tiger Claw, as it's normally called in Kung Fu, it's Lion's Paw as a master grip on helping to pull humanity out of the grave of mediocrity into the crown of Royalty.

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