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Little Ninjas


Martial Arts Program for Children Ages 3-6
Summer Program June-August

The Little Ninja's Class is for children ages 3-6. We have this class because...who doesn't want to be a Ninja?

Developing fine motor skills, kicking, punching, sneaking around like a Ninja, and rolling around like a Ninja does. This class is to help to instill the basics of Martial Arts. No belt system just a fun learning environment for children to thrive in...or disappear into the a ninja...or Batman

Working with children to help them become aware of their bodies and knowing that it's there's and no one is allowed to violate their right without their permission. If they feel uncomfortable they can say that, they can say no to a touch, or a hug that they don't like. 

The Little Ninjas of LMAA meets once a week on Saturdays from 1-1:45pm. Keeping in line with the theme of affordability, we offer the Little Ninja's class for $35 a month, $85 for the 3 summer months (June July August)

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