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Everything The Light Touches

Everyone knows this quote from "The Lion King." Everything the light touches is our kingdom. This means that there's nothing that isn't within our realm of mastery. Attaining Black Belt is more about patience and perseverance than learning all of the forms and techniques. It takes time and patience with yourself. Forgiving yourself, allowing yourself to make mistakes so that you can learn better how to do something. You already have the potential to be a master. It's all about having the patience to be one. If you're a Master, if you're a King, if you're a Queen, what are you master over? What do you rule? You master yourself, you rule yourself and in turn everything the light touches becomes your kingdom. Not because you "OWN" it because no one person can truly own the universe, but because everywhere you go, you bring your own air or atmosphere of mastery and royalty with you. So you are always in control. We at Lion Martial Arts knows that every human being has the potential for mastery. We don't teach you how to be great, we are here to mine it out of you. You're already great, we just have to uncover it.

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