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Self Defense

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    Lion Martial Arts Academy understands the need for personal safety and protection. We're here to give authentic training scenarios that gradually builds the confidence you have in yourself.

    Self Defense in these modern times is more pressing than ever before. With the rise of senseless violence, abductions, human trafficking, robbery, and rape, it's incumbent that we know how to defend ourselves. We mix striking and grappling techniques to allow you to get out of and survive multiple scenarios. Knife ejections/disarms, gun disarms and awareness, threat assessment, along with dealing with chokes, locks, holds, and grabs in an effective and efficient manner to survive encounters.


     Ultimately there's a lot of fluff in the world of Self Defense that can get you killed. People who don't violent encounters, and are lost in tradition or formulaic movements can be detrimental to any student. Sequential movement is needed in the beginning to build motor skills but unless the training wheels come off and some realism is applied, the shock of the hour of an attack may be too much for someone to overcome. We'd much rather no one NEED to use this, but it's definitely a better policy to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Got a group interested in Self Defense specific scenarios? Feel free to contact us for a group rate!

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